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We connect Israeli farmers and artisans to eager learners who want to support them while learning about the rich culture. At home and overseas.

Who you help

By subscribing to Israel Pack, you support the families of Jewish pioneers who redeem the Biblical Heartland of Israel.

Most of our suppliers hire and support employees with disabilities, including young men and women with autistic spectrum disorder and Down syndrome.

Why you help

Like us, you believe in building a stronger, healthier, more secure Israel. Like us, you know that the people of Israel need help to stand against boycotts and sanctions.

Like us, you don’t want your children and grandchildren to live in the world of anti-semitism where the tragedy of the Holocaust could happen again.

Why you help

How you help

We don’t ask for donations; instead we want to help Israeli family businesses grow and become self-reliant!

The more monthly boxes we sell, the more goods we buy from our suppliers, and the more money they get to reinvest in their business! That’s why every single subscription matters!

These are real people with real stories whose lives are really being changed through your subscription.

Where you help

All of our talents are based in Israel, the heart of World history.

The regions we work with include, but are not limited to, Judea and Samaria, the Biblical heartland of Israel.

The whole country suffers from BDS, and we aim to help as many people as we can!

Meet our community

All of our products come from real people. Discover their personal stories now.
Neta Lin, Lin's Farm
“At Lin's Farm we are inspired by the love to the country, to the people and to the nature. We believe that bees and honey is the symbol of good that we get from the Land.”
Kate Lishansky, K-Clay
“I'm happy that I can continue following my passion here in Israel and also share my art with people all over the world!”

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