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Clearly, the world is at a turning point. Life is changing and no one knows what is coming. We are not in control anymore. It’s easy to feel powerless in a time like this. That’s why it is more important than ever to live by eternal values.

We are here to help you stay together, connect with those you love, and help the most vulnerable.

Our mission is to help you experience the Holy Land in your home and feel the emotional, historical, and spiritual ties that bound all of us to Israel.
Our goal is to make this experience unique and encourage you to share it with your family and especially with the younger generation who need our guidance in creating their own meaningful relationship with the Land.
Our biggest hope is to connect vulnerable Israeli communities with those who understand the importance of supporting them. They are the people of Israel, God's chosen children.
Our objective is to help them keep their jobs and feed their families. We are here to make Israel stronger and safer!

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