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Our subscribers have received delicious olives from one of our favorite local suppliers, Zeta Olives.

Founded over 20 years ago, known as one of the best Olive Oil brands in Israel for its quality, unique flavor, and aroma. Housed in the hills of Galilee, Zeta Olives are harvested from some of the world’s oldest olive trees. Zeta olives have won prestigious awards in local and international arenas. Zeta Olive Oils are a source of pride for the Galilee and Nationwide.

In the foothills of the Lower Galilee lie Israel’s olive groves. Nick-named the generous tree for its all-giving qualities, the olive tree is a source of food, energy, medicine, and cosmetics. But for the inhabitants of the nearby villages, olive oil production is not just a commercial trade. For them, it serves as a culture and tradition. Each year when the harvest is due families goes together into the fields to pick the olives from the trees. As such, in recent years the Galilee has become a local hub for numerous activities dedicated to the celebration of olive oil.

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