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Top Gifts from Israel for a Holiday Season 2020

Lots of Local Artisans

in Just One Box

Israel Pack hand-picked top gifts from local artisans come in many forms and shapes. Basically, there are several categories that you can find in our boxes.

Handcrafted Goods

Israeli arts and crafts items are a perfect holiday season gift. Be that handcrafted glass from local craftsmen or ceramic pendant made by jewelry designer Orly Pattel (you can find those in our December box), you’ll surely love them. They bear Holy Land spirit that you can feel, touch and hold.

Israel Pack December Box

Israeli Beauty Products

Israeli soap, Dead Sea mineral bath salts, creams, and many other types of products from big and small Israeli beauty brands carefully hand-picked by Israel Pack. We want to surprise you. And we want to indulge you. Always.

Israeli Artwork Items

Each and every Israel Pack themed box has some artwork inside. We want you to meet Israeli artists and craftspersons (you can’t say “craftsmen” anymore, can you?). Hence, stay tuned for our next posts telling the stories of their lives and careers.

Local Organic Foods

Toffees by Oded Fenster

Israel Pack boxes are delicious. We pick the best Israeli farmers, chocolatiers, and other local food producers. For example, In our December subscription box we put delicious toffees hanmade by Oded Fenster. Bon appetite!

Your Christmas gifts from Israel are coming to your doorstep wherever you are. Check them out . You will love them just like we do.

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