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“Shalva” is an ancient Hebrew word “שלווה” for peace, calmness, and tranquility.
The word “shalva” appears in the Old Testament, in a psalm attributed to King David (122:7): “May there be peace between your walls, shalva within your palaces…”

ShalvaTea was founded in 2014 by David Ross. While earning his Master in Forestry from Yale University, he decided to travel to Israel after the devastating Mt. Carmel wildfires of 2010. There he spent a summer researching these kinds of fires, including how letting the land naturally regenerate will allow for a more healthy plant diversity and ultimately safer forests.

Throughout his fieldwork, David would stumble across an abundance of native aromatic herbs, bringing them home to drink as relaxing teas after days in the field. As an avid forager and herbal enthusiast, who could not seem to find any locally made herbal teas in the supermarkets, an idea started brewing… ​In 2014, David moved to Jerusalem, and ShalvaTea was born!

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