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SABON MICHAL, all-natural cosmetics from Israel

Founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team, Noam & Michal Levy, Sabon Michal is an all-natural cosmetics company. After working as a chef in Manhattan, Michal returned to Israel to be closer to family & to live a more spiritual lifestyle.

Michael Levy: Hello There! I’m Michal Levy. I started making soaps when I was a student at the Faculty of Agriculture. Together with a classmate, we found recipes and improvised with materials and equipment. We mixed the mass for hours using a mixer or our own hands, and finally, the soap came out! Soon it became my hobby. I started giving soaps as gifts to my friends and family, simply because I enjoyed it so much. In 2007 I set up my first natural skincare production facility in my home kitchen in Kiryat Tivon. I believed then, and I still believe, that healthy and pure natural cosmetics should be available to everyone! Today all our soaps, creams and facial masks are still lovingly handmade in small batches in our family-run factory. We have developed all the product formulas ourselves over the years.”

The Levy’s live in Tsfat and their factory is located in Dalton, one of Israel’s 6 industrial parks built by Stef Wertheimer, whose aim was to create jobs in the periphery.

Tsfat (or Safed) has been identified with Sepph, a fortified town in the Upper Galilee mentioned in the writings of the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus. It is mentioned in the Jerusalem Talmud as one of five elevated spots where fires were lit to announce the New Moon and festivals during the Second Temple period. – The website of Sabon Michal in Hebrew

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