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Pure Honey

Wild flower honey is considered one of the finest types of honey in the world. Yoffi’s wild flower honey is made in Israel, in a boutique apiary of an Israeli family, specializing in the production of high-quality healthy honey.

Kosher : Kosher Supervision – Badatz Sheerit Israel, Kosher for Pesach

Israel Extra virginOlive Oil

Olive oil is one of the greatest products of Israel. It is pressed out of fresh olives grown on one of the boutique farms. Extra virgin olive oil of cold press and highest quality. The flavor and smell of the blend are delicate and do not take over the taste of the dish. Excellent for cooking, frying and seasoning.

Kosher : Kosher Supervision – Kosher Mehadrin, Kosher for Pesach.

Dead Sea Salt

4 salt jars: Natural Salt, Salt Mixture Seasoned with Black Carbon Powder, Gold Powder, and Sweet Paprika.

Kosher: Kosher Supervision – Kosher Parve, Rabanut of Haifa, Kosher for Pesach.


Tahini is an essential in Israeli cuisine. Ready to eat, it can either be added to salads, meat or fish, and can be a healthy alternative to butter on your sandwich.

Kosher: Kosher Supervision – HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK, Kosher for Pesach.

Nut Bars

Peanut, sesame and sunflower seeds bars in a tin box.

Kosher: Kosher Supervision – Badatz Parve Beit Yosef, Kosher for Pesach.

Date Spread

Our date spread is made from only the best and ripest dates from the Kinneret region. The date spread is made of natural ingredients; it has a rich taste and a soft, gentle texture. It is delightful to spread it on bread or toast.

Kosher: Kosher Supervision – Hatam Sofer, Kosher for Pesach.

Small Jars Quartet

Four small round jars in the a gift set:  Pure honey + Halva spread + Carob Spread + Tahini Zaatar

Kosher: Kosher Supervision – Badatz Sheerit Israel, HaAda Haredit Jerusalem and OK. Kosher for Pesach.

Purim Gragger

A “gragger” or “ra’ashan” is a noisemaker, a kind of rachet, used to drown out Haman’s name when it is read from the Megillah on Purim.

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