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Meet our new supplier: Alina Ilievski, textile artist, founder of TOPA-TOP

TOPA-TOP started as a baby wearing brand. Now it offers a wide variety of textile accessories for children, as long as home and kitchen decor.

Meet Alina Ilievski, the founder of Topa-Top:

“I am a mom of three beautiful kids. All of them homeschooled and a wife to a husband who supports my passion for babywearing.

My first son was born prematurely, with relatively low birth weight and a weak stomach. When he was two weeks old, I used a wrap for the first time. He fell asleep in seconds. Since my hands were free I finally could take care of some things at home. The next day I discovered the possibility of discrete nursing. I didn’t have to hurry back home or carry a bottle with expressed breast milk. I didn’t have to look for a safe place to breastfeed him. It became easier to be close to my baby. It quickly responds to his needs, thus we both became calmer and happier.

Besides keeping your baby safe and comfortable, baby carriers help you to keep up with your life.

Trying to find a perfect carrier, I finally created my first Mei Tai. And I just couldn’t stop there. With two and then three kids, babywearing became more than a matter of interest it was the only possible solution.

It’s about your personal confidence and freedom in a long journey of raising your kids.

Since then, I have been interested in every aspect of baby carrying, always reading, studying, looking for more information. Eventually, I’ve become a professional babywearing consultant. I dedicated my life to helping moms and dads on their own parenting journey. I see babies every day, which gives me strength and passion. It helps me keep working on new models, improving and checking every little detail.”

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