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Meet Our Community: Tali Taisiya Melter, artist from Binyamina

Tali Taisiya Melter, artist.

Tali Taisiya Melter, artist

“My name is Tali Taisiya Melter. 

Six years ago, my husband and I were invited to a dinner in Paris.

After dinner, our host’s daughter started to paint in a coloring book of Paris with an illustration of St. Martin Canal, located about fifteen minutes walk from her house. “Why Paris and not princesses or unicorns coloring books? “- I asked our host. He replied that it was important to him that his daughter knows and loves her city and her country.

His answer made me think about my own kids. I realized that it is important for me as well. I decided to buy coloring books about my homeland and educate my kids in a fun and creative way about the beauty and history of our country. Surprisingly, there were no coloring books about Israel at that time.

Fantastic Israel - Coloring Book by Tali Taisiya Melter

Since then my dream was to create a coloring book with landscapes of Israel.” I started collecting coloring books from all over the world, in order to learn the basics. It took me five years to create a perfect format and content for this project.

Fantastic Israel - Coloring Book by Tali Taisiya Melter
Fantastic Israel – Coloring Book by Tali Taisiya Melter

In 2019, after publishing the first edition of Fantastic Israel, I applied to the Israel Museum Admissions Committee to present my books at the National Israel Museum in Jerusalem. My  books were accepted and sold in all major museums and Israeli National Park Authority shops. They were translated into several languages including German, Chinese and Russian.

Fantastic Israel has been embraced by Colorists from all over the world and I am privileged to be a part of this amazing creative community.

Now, that my dream has come true, I hope you enjoy coloring Fantastic Israel book as much as I have enjoyed creating it!” 

About Tali Taisiya Melter:

Originally from Russia, I immigrated to Israel as a teen. For the last sixteen years, I have lived in Israeli countryside, in a small place called Binyamina, with my two young kids, a loving husband and a schnauzer dog named Goldy.

These days I spend my time in the studio flitting between creating simple black and white artwork for next books, creating ideas for new products and of course, sending my books to Israeli lovers from all over the world.

I hope you will enjoy the Fantastic Israel coloring book and have fun by making your version of Israel.”

Fantastic Israel - Coloring Book by Tali Taisiya Melter
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