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Meet Our Community: Jean-Pierre Weill Art Studios

“Jean-Pierre Weill Studios is our family studio. We love making beautiful and unique 3D art on glass and guarantee quality of both product and service.”

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3D painting on glass artwork “KOTEL” (THE WAILING WALL). The Kotel represents the shared history and future that bind us together as a people, no matter how different we may be as individuals.


The studio was founded in 1992, as Jean-Pierre looked for a way to both create art and support his growing family. He discovered that he could create 3D paintings by arranging different parts of an image on multiple levels of glass. This technique allows each painting to be enriched by elements of light and shadow and creates a delightful sense of movement. Success was immediate.

About 10 years ago, the studio moved to Israel, where his daughters, Davida and Safira, joined. A new dimension was added to Jean-Pierre’s original dream. Davida and Safira brought new ideas and a fresh palette to an already rich library of paintings. As a family studio, our relationships with each other are key to the feeling and energy that go into our work. You are part of our extended studio family. 
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