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Meet Diane, the founder of White Petal Jewelry Store featured in the new Israel Pack monthly box

We are excited to present the new box theme that we picked this month!

Here’s our July concept box theme : “Melting pot”.

We believe it will help you discover the thriving and vibrant cultural life of Israel. Just like the US, Israel is a true melting pot of cultures! Jews from all over the world come back to their homeland and bring with them their various cultural traditions.

Meet Diana, one of our new artists. Diana is a Tel-Aviv based Israeli jewelry artist of Ukrainian descent. Passionate about the beauty of nature, she creates unique jewelry pieces giving dried flowers a second life. Nature, spring, flowers, petals, greens – that’s what always brought her endless inspiration and joy. She loves preserving nature’s beauty and bringing it to people and she loves that her customers feel more beautiful and feminine wearing flowers and carrying a piece of nature with them. Our subscribers will find unique rings from White Petal Jewelry in their monthly subscription box from Israel!

This one-of-a-kind ring with dried flowers and seeds under epoxy resin is a unique handmade piece of jewelry. It was crafted in several stages. The artist started by handpicking the flowers and dried them. Then she casted the flowers into resin and let it cure for about 24 hours. Afterwards a second coat of resin has been applied. Lastly, she hand sanded the base and assembled the ring.

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