LIN'S FARM: The best honey from the Land of milk and honey!

Lin’s Farm is a family run company, it has been at the forefront of family farming and natural food innovation for generations. Its unique product line is a groundbreaking blend of tradition & novelty, bringing you one-of-a-kind flavor combinations from the shores of the Mediterranean.

In 1974 the Lin family with 4 children, moved to the Moshav, back to the family farm from Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek, in Emek Jezreel, where they were of the pioneering founding families.

Uriel Lin, the father of the family, wanted to find an interesting farming avenue that his children would like and would be happy to be involved in. working the land and Israeli agriculture was very important to him. His family had been farming the land of Israel for nearly a 100 years.

The kids had one day off from school to work in the family farm, they were not interested in family orchards, growing citrus fruit, and so their father kept looking for something for the kids to do… Yuval, the eldest son, loved nature and was interested in bees. And so, the honey farm was born. They got their first 30 beehives and began to work.

Over the years, what guided the way for the Lin family was always, innovation and entrepreneurship.
What else could one do with honey? Exploring new ideas, new initiatives, new flavours, new tastes and new products. They keep inventing, experimenting and coming up with new great things to eat. In the Lin farm they use the best local Israeli produce and are very proud to be a vital part of Israeli economy.

Lin’s farm is a family business in all aspects, not only do the family members work in the farm in different capacities, for example one of the sisters, Hila, is the product designer, Yuval is still the lead bee keeper and runs the farm, Neta runs the factory in Modiin, They also created a sense of family with all their workers, and the communication in Lin’s farm is open, warm, close and friendly. In the farm and factory Lin’s Farm cherishes Israeli diversity and workers come from all sectors of Israeli society. From new immigrants, to people with developmental disabilities, kibbutz folk, city folk, and many more.

Lin’s Farm is based in southern Israel, the area hit hardest by the recent war on terror, Operation Protective Edge. Your purchase represents a much needed contribution to re-building the lives and businesses of southern Israel in this time of need. Thank you for your support!

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