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How to Find Judaica Art That Will Make Your Heart Beat?

Karshi Original Studio and Yair Emanuel: Judaica from Jerusalem

Israel Pack December subscription box – just like any other Israel Pack monthly box with the goodies that we meticulously hand-pick for you – includes several items made by the Jewish artists.

When choosing Judaica gifts from Israel that we put in your box, we especially enjoy Judaica art made in Jerusalem. You know why? You probably do.

Jerusalem is Israeli heart and soul. And that’s why we just loooove our collaboration with Karshi Original Studio with its genuine spirit of Jerusalem. One of their signature products is Karshi menorah. Apparently, by the time you receive our December box, Hanukkah will be over and you don’t get one.

Israeli heart and soul

You surely remember though that our November box included a beautiful piece of Judaica art, a menorah made by Yair Emanuel, another Jerusalem artist that we enjoy working with. Here’s your link to Yair Emanuel website. Enjoy! By the way, there’s a sale on all Hanukkah items which you might need for Hanukkah 2021 if you don’t let us take care for you next Hanukkah. But why would you do that? Obviously, you have already subscribed (or subscribing right now).

We’ll tell you all about Yair later. Now, let’s say a couple of words about Karshi. The studio was established in Jerusalem next to its Old City walls back in the middle of the 20th century. First, it was silversmith shop which provided merchandise to Israeli jewelry makers but later their own store have been open. Today, it offers a huge variety of Judaica products. You can check our their catalogue, or simply rely on Israel Pack taste, choice, and delivery. We find the best Judaica from Israel and send it to your doorstep.

Organic Eco-Friendly Table Runner
by Karshi Original Studio from December Box

That’s it for today. Stay tuned! We have plenty of artists, designers, and local food producers to tell you about.

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