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There’s No Hanukkah Without Donuts (Whether You Like It Or Not)

Add Some Healthy Fillings to Your Hanukkah Jelly Donuts

Traditional foods eaten during Hanukkah are brisket, latkes, kugel, gelt, and donuts. All of them are Israel staple foods. Traditional Hanukkah donuts, aka sufganiyot in Hebrew, are hard to find in Israel except from Hanukkah season. That’s why during Hanukkah you can hear Israelis complain about the huge amount of donuts they are consuming.


But they still do. Because one wants to taste them all: baked Hanukkah donuts, fried Hanukkah donuts, chocolate filled powdered donuts, jelly donuts, custard cream donuts, and any donut you can possibly imagine. Each and every local bakery in Israel is proud to present their signature donut. Because Israelis won’t stop eating them until Hanukkah season is over.

Jewish or not, you can still indulge yourself with a taste of the Holy Land. Your monthly Israel subscription box brochure comes with a Hanukkah jelly donuts recipe. And there are some healthy fillings to fill your donuts with. We’ve got you Hanukkah Miracle Decorative Cylinder with Lin’s Farm sweet specialities made of Holy Land dates, black currant, and chocolate. Put them in your donuts or find yourself any other Israeli sweets recipes. Actually, these superfood spreads are great for any healthy sweets ideas, be they traditional Israeli desserts, contemporary fusion delights, or just a proper toast with a heavenly topping.

Stay tuned for more Holy Land delights in your Hanukkah gift box!

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