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Your Sweetest Menorah for Hanukkah 2020

What’s in the box? Our second Hanukkah gift is a menorah from Israel

Traditional Hanukkah menorah, a candle holder for eight Hanukkah candles and shamash candle used to light up menorah every Hanukkah night, is our second item in a Hanukkah gift box delivered to your door by IsraelPack.

Why is menorah important to the Jewish tradition? Who lights the menorah? When was the menorah first used? Is menorah 7 or 9 candles? Let’s find it out immediately.

Menorah represents the miracle of Hanukkah. It gave its light to the ancient Jewish rebels for eight days and nights even though they had just one-day supply of the oil. The meaning of the menorah candles that we light each Hanukkah night is to commemorate this eight-days miracle that culminated in reclaiming the Temple.

Every member of the household can light the menorah. Obviously, children find it especially attractive because usually they are not encouraged to play with fire.

The history of menorah is longer than the history of Hanukkah. Right after leaving Egypt, God commanded the Jews to make a seven-branched menorah representing the seven days of creation. The eighth and the ninth candles were added much later to commemorate the Hanukkah miracle.

By the way, is the word menorah capitalized? What do you think? 

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is not. With all due respect to grammar and all, our Menorah by Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is a piece of menorah art and is well worth of capitalization. And Yair’s menorah is made in Israel, just as it should be.

Obviously, menorah without candles is not particularly useful. Luckily, our gift box includes a set of beautiful menorah candles made by Shalhevet.

Stay tuned, and we’ll unwrap your third Hanukkah gift in our next post.

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