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Gourmet Israeli Chocolate by Roy Chocolate: Sweet Dreams Come True

Your Hanukkah-Themed Pralines from Roy Chocolate Boutique

Your fifth gift from IsraePack subscription box is Israeli chocolate by a local chocolatier. His name is Roy, and he is not just any chocolatier. He is academic, a graduate of Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Belgium. 

Roy came to the world of gourmet chocolate right from the world of high tech. It is not your regular career path. Speaking high tech language, it was quite a pivot. Luckily for him and for us, it turned out okay. Or even more than okay.

The range of Roy’s chocolate goodies is wide and delicious. His legendary chocolate product is a unique disc-filled praline produced via a novel, self-developed technology. This chocolate specialty is simply addictive. Keep it in mind if you decide to visit Roy’s boutique during your stay in Israel.

Is too much chocolate bad for you?

It certainly is. That’s why we put just a small number of Hanukkah themed hand decorated chocolates to make your taste buds happy.

Stay tuned for more Holy Land delights in your Hanukkah gift box!

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