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From Israel with Love: Havdalah Blessings

A Fragrant Part of the Havdalah Set: Havdalah Spices

Here we go, unwrapping the third gift from our Israeli subscription box delivered to you by Israel Pack. This one is not directly related to Hanukkah but it is as Jewish and as Israeli as one can possibly be. It is a part of Shabbat and Havdalah set, and what a fragrant part it is.

But first let’s find out what does havdalah mean. Havdalah in Hebrew stands for “separation”, and by this ceremony we separate Sabbath from the rest of the week.

Now, let’s learn a thing or two about how to do Havdalah. There are few things that you will need for your ceremony. 

First, there is a special Havdalah candle. Second, there is a cup of wine that you fill to the brim. Third, there are spices. In our Israeli subscription box, you will find a small spice bag of Israeli spices. Cloves are traditionally used in the Havdalah ceremony, and cloves you get in your best of the best monthly gift box of Israeli goodies. Cloves are also one of the staples of Israeli kitchen which you will surely taste once the COVID 19 craziness is over and you travel to Israel. 

Let’s not forget – it’s still a Hanukkah season. So, what is it? Havdalah or Chanukah candles first? Turns out, there are no strict rules and you can do as you like. Luckily, we are sending you some Israeli Hanukkah candles along with our special Chanukah menorah, and some more Hanukkah themed gifts. Eight special gifts for each night of Hanukkah. Yes, there are eight nights of Hanukkah. Or Chanukah. Oops.

Hanukkah vs Chanukah. Who wins?

So, how to spell? Chanukah or Hanukkah? Is there right or wrong in this spelling business? Let’s ask well-respected Encyclopedia Britannica. If you don’t feel like leaving Israel Pack website to seek the truth, just trust us – both are kosher.

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