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Kidron Valley: Jerusalem Old City Online

Father’s Day is just around the corner, celebrate it with a special gift that he will never forget – a unique and memorable Holy Land experience!

While travel has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, Israel Pack is inviting you to visit JERUSALEM in the blink of an eye. Join our FREE ONLINE guided tour of the Kidron Valley, also known as the King’s Valley, separating the Temple Mount from the Mt. of Olives.

The Kidron Valley appears in Jewish eschatological prophecies, which include the return of Elijah, followed by the arrival of the Messiah, and the War of Gog and Magog and Judgment Day.

This exclusive walking tour leads a VIP licensed tour guide with 16 years of experience. Specializing in Jerusalem, she will show you the most important hidden sight of the city and create an unforgettable experience filled with rich cultural, religious, and historical details, together with fun facts and entertainment.

Israel Pack gives you a chance to visit the most inspirational place on earth, and also bring home memories of your trip! Order a gift box from Israel and take 30% off.

Since the times of King David Jerusalem has been surrounded by deep valleys, the most famous of which is the Kidron valley, separating the Temple Mount from the Mt. of Olives. Some of the most magnificent monuments have been erected here hewn into the rocks nearly 2000 years ago.

From the Second Temple period until today the only monumental structures left standing almost completely intact . For many hundreds of years, Jerusalem fathers would teach their rebellious sons a lesson by bringing them to the Kidron Valley. To learn why and find inspiration in the Scripture, join our special Father’s day broadcast.

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