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Silan is a syrup made from dates and water that have been cooked and strained. As sweeteners go, date syrup is one of the oldest, going back to Biblical times. Many scholars believe the “honey” in the phrase “the land of milk and honey” is actually date syrup because there is no evidence that Biblical people kept bees!

Lower on the glycemic index than either honey or maple syrup and vegan to boot, date syrup may be the next Middle Eastern staple poised for mainstream success.

You are going to want to add this date honey to everything from salads to cocktails!

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Lin's Farm Natural Date Honey (Silan)

Lin’s Farm Natural Date Honey (Silan)
: fresh dates
Since 1972, Lin’s Farm has been one of Israel’s leading producers of all-natural and authentically Mediterranean food products.  Each product is based on homemade recipes with no preservatives, no artificial additives, no white sugar, no dairy, no soy, and all kosher.

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