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Melting Pot Box

From all over the world are moving to Israel are bringing with them their various cultural identities, but they are embracing and strengthening that which unites them as a nation – their Jewish faith and heritage. Open the box and discover which countries our new suppliers come from!

Israeli Breakfast Box
Israeli Breakfast has been called “The Jewish state’s contribution to world cuisine”.
Israelis take their breakfast very seriously and you can too. Open the box and find out how to make Israeli breakfast in your home and serve it any time of day. Recipe inside!

Sun-dried tomato spread with basil. It is perfect to slather on everything from a bagel to a sandwich or even on top of grilled chicken. It can also be spooned into a sauce for added flavor

All-Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rich and tasty, and with all the spectacular health benefits that come from natural extra-virgin olive oil.

Hot red peppers with oil. Add to Pasta, Tomato dishes, Moroccan fish, Hummus and goulash.

Green olives with lemon. Each olive cradles the authentic flavors of the Galilee, capturing the unique essence of the Mediterranean way of life.

Handmade clay bowl.You can serve sauces, dips or olives in this small clay bowl.

A luxurious botanical hand cream with rich Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oils to nourish hands.

Natural Dead Sea mud soap can be used as a face soap, body soap, hand soap or shaving soap. Made by hand in small batches.

Handcrafted potholder. Its jacquard pattern is part of the fabric weave itself, so it won’t change despite daily wear and tear — it’s there to stay!

Summer Vacation in Israel Box
A global pandemic may be closing the skies, but there is no reason you can’t still enjoy a trip around Israel! Here at Israel Pack, we’ve put together a trip of a lifetime just for you!

Guilt free peanut butter chocolate cookies. Low sugar, low carb, high in protein

Snacks with Almond Filling. This is the most Biblical snack, because it’s made up of only two ingredients, and both of them are mentioned in the Bible multiple times! Dates + Almonds! No sugar added.

Guilt free Berry Candies. Natural, delicious and sugar free. Nothing but the real fruit! Vegan friendly!

This Zaatar is a multi-purpose spice. It comes from Galilee, the area blessed with many herbs that have the best aromatic flavor in the world.

This nail hardener packed with minerals from the Dead Sea will strengthen and beautify your nails.

This oil treatment will bring the nail salon to you! It will keep your cuticles moisturized and stimulate healthy nail growth.

This soap is inspired by the song “Jerusalem of Gold”, an unofficial anthem of Israel, full of biblical references and describing the Jewish people’s 2,000-year longing to return to Jerusalem.

Face mask from a Tel Aviv fashion designer turns hygiene into cultural expression!

This bookmark was created by an Israeli artist in collaboration with the Israel Museum, which features the most extensive holdings of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world.

This postcard was created from upcycled materials by two Galilee based artists.

Illustrated map of Israel (33.1 x 23.4 inches)

This box was prepared with love together with the Mayofis family. This box is dedicated to one of the most important features of Israeli culture – the delicious cuisine. Ever since the Torah was given to man, the food has impressed the toughest critics. Among the country’s staples are honey, dates, hummus, tahini, herbal teas and carob to name just a few.
All the items were sourced from the local producers who follow the age-old Israeli traditions.

This pure wildflower honey is made in Israel, in a boutique apiary of an Israeli family, specializing in the production of high-quality healthy honey.

Olive oil is one of the greatest products of Israel. It is pressed out of fresh olives grown on one of the boutique farms. Excellent for cooking, frying and seasoning.

4 salt jars: Natural Salt, Salt Mixture Seasoned with Black Carbon Powder, Gold Powder, and Sweet Paprika.

Tahini is an essential in Israeli cuisine. Ready to eat, it can either be added to salads, meat or fish, and can be a healthy alternative to butter on your sandwich.

Peanut, sesame and sunflower seeds bars in a tin box.

Our date spread is made from only the best and ripest dates from the Kinneret region. The date spread is made of natural ingredients; it has a rich taste and a soft, gentle texture. It is delightful to spread it on bread or toast.

Four small round jars in the a gift set: Pure honey + Halva spread + Carob Spread + Tahini Zaatar

Purim Gragger A “gragger” or “ra’ashan” is a noisemaker, a kind of ratchet, used to drown out Haman’s name when it is read from the Megillah on Purim.

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Susan Kraus
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Blessings to all who filled this box with such awesome things! I have always wanted to go to the Holy Land. Now it comes to me.
Phillip Mitchell
Hillsdale, NJ
We gave this to our Son and his wife, they were extremely excited and thought their first box was fantastic, they have tried several of the products and have been totally impressed.
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You will love your package from Israel! What a joy opening each item, they are so unique! I loved the dates and olive oil. I am extremely pleased with Israeli products, and even more so supporting each company!
Pam Norton
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I received my box today and it was filled with so many wonderful items! My husband, who complains when I spend money, is just as excited when I open my package from Israel.
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I love everything we received! I love the expectation when we open the box together with my grandkids, I always keep it as a surprise for them!!!! They've never been to Israel, and now they want to learn more about it.

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